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reprints and separata, 4

whether from actual observations
doubtful whether
depending on whether
whether it should be interfered with
whether natural or acquired
whether it is worth while
whether if left to its own resources
whether willingly
whether or not
whether desk, bureau, or chiffonier
whether carving, inlay, moldings, turnings, or decorative grain
whether of floor or table
large or small, whether it belongs
whether a stone or a piece of wood
modified by
whether it is a result
whether the latter is mounted in gas or vacuo
indefinite, and whether
whether in feathers of birds or furs of mammals
whether it will thus
whether near or several
signs nearby

most instances of whether — in order of appearance — found in
Zoology Reprints and Separata, Etc, Volume 191
Cornell University Library
QL 3 W94
Gift of Professor Albert Hazen Wright (1879-1970, herpetologist, *)
digitized November 18, 2009
more via HathiTrust

17 February 2018

separata; in gas or vacuo indefinite; whether