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to which is added Enquire Within upon Fancy

back endpaper, detail (90ºccw; inverted)
ex Robert Kemp Philp (1819-82 *). Enquire Within Upon Everything : To which is Added Enquire Within Upon Fancy Needlework (1869)
ownership of this google-scanned copy unclear
(first) 1856 edition, Oxford copy via archive.org (opening to index)

Clouds as a sign of the weather       896
Comma, nature and value of       189
Dew as a sign of the weather       895
Electuary, antispasmodic       472
Embrocations       477-484
Enigmas, description of       54
H or no H?       202
Heavenly bodies as a sign of the weather       897
Lint, to make       772
Lint, various forms and uses of       773
Person on fire       1238
Points, importance of properly placing       192
Signification of names       901
Words, mischoosing of       150
Words, various kinds of, results       1958

3 March 2018

lint, various forms and uses of; index; vade mecum; R. K. Philip, Enquire Within Upon Everything (1869)