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much hidden by sea-weed, only found in this bed

in one or two places only       12
only, and is not seen       16
only yet authentically known       16
only as yet been seen at two or three horizons       16
the only allusion       18
only a little older       19
only occasionally being broken up and replaced       25
only the surface       34
for the whole. Only one       36
can only reach       39
and only       45
of sea sand only one       47
but only as       49
as a whole, only one or two, or at most three       50
metamorphisms, these only differed in degree       50
only to be seen below high water-mark, and some are often much hidden by sea-weed       62
only found in this bed       69
the only instance       70
a horizon. There are only two       70
only seen at this horizon… and very rarely elsewhere       70
that only occur       70
only in that part       70
or is only separated from it by       71
low water it can only be seen (or traced)       71
indifferent. Only       76
only as fragments. Only       77
were met with, but only a few       78
only a few stones, mostly angular       79
only a few       79
only fragments       79
only contained       79
only very       82
only showed       82
impossible; and not only       83
only found as fragments, and their frequency in the main       84
cannot have been far, as only few       85
in situ are very rare, and only       85
and only mud and clay       85
but not certain, we only know       86
only       86
not only       88
only shows this arrangement—and then not very typically       91
insignificant. It has left only 97
c is a very small vein       100
where it is only about       101
and only the remaining       103
differences only the proportions       103
only a small excess       104
in being the only       104
the latter only       105
of only       106
time though only a slight       108
centre can only result       109
of one accustomed only to see       118
of no little pride that we can point not only to the continued       118
bituminous blae...
(The word blae also appears in blaeberry, so named from its dark blue or slate-colour.)       118
only possible to recover       121
and in these places only hard knobs of eruptive rock appear       122
only by diligently       122
folding, and interrupted only by a few dip faults       126
the only place       127
fields, which can only be understood       128
but are here only a few       129
and only the very best       130

but now it is only mined at one or two places, and there only       131
remains, and the only external resemblance between the two       132
the only       135
only occupies a small area over the deepest part       145
the great beds in the cutting only       152
the only       53
so this is the only place       153
this high dip       158
only one workable seam       160
situated only       160
is seen to be only about       161
is only       162

every only, ex Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society. Vol. VIII. Part I. (1901)
University of Michigan copy, digitized January 16, 2009
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14 April 2018

bituminous blae; couplets; horizon; only; every only; Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society (1901)