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a burlesque perhaps, a weaver’s shuttle

something that has nothing to do with it, and another something else, it grows so disguis’d and hidden under Forms
Others have proceeded farther, and have held that ether, or another something
we know not what, to think, as another something of which we are equally ignorant.
a something that is heard of no more, and often another something of more consequence
another something meant of all things to be water;
another, fire; another, air; and another, something else.
from one to another, something like a weaver's shuttle
a word which at one time is made to signify blue,
and at another something approximating to hazel.
A German suggested another something : the effect of this
most simple another something is wanting
which, if wrested away without the substitution of another something in its place, would leave a void and a vacancy as
another something out
another something to keep
any other something besides
we are not to think of any other something
that there is any other something, but what is made in and by nature
[enter Hegel, ca 1865]
where its being is for another. ¶ Something becomes another. This process endless, ceaseless
Otherwise-being, Something into another — Something
something red in the room,
another something green,
and a third something brown
What then from the foregoing might we infer method to be?
In one connection it is something used,
in another something discovered,
in another something to be adopted,
in another something to be acquired.
Here surely is ground for confusion as to the meaning of
being in another Something...
                                                            We oscillate endlessly
quite out of it, and quite in another Something.
One suggests some book of travel, if any of literary value can be found;
another, something humorous, a burlesque perhaps;
still another, “something humorous and imaginative, such as Alice in Wonderland;”
Something like the shape of the outside of a harp
something more than...
another something less
one thing, another
something else, another
other something. It is said
for other. Something

a chronology of another + something, 1739-1919.

2 May 2018

another; method; something