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drawing in the air

early a.m. light through pages of FTWeekend, 21 May 2018
(an argument in favor of print newspaper)

Jane Ure-Smith, “High-wire act” (on Chiharu Shiota’s piano installation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park *),
Raphael Abraham, “How far is too far” (on the Cannes Film Festival),
and — faint horizontal bars — Jackie Wullschlager on exhibit of Patrick Heron’s paintings at Tate St Ive’s (“Cornish cornucopia”)
pages 13-16

epigram from discussion of Chiharu Shiota’s weaving (also here) —

one night she dreamt she found herself inside a painting...

21 May 2018

tags: air dreams; in-between-ness; lines; palimpsest; to let the air in; FT; Chiharu Shiota