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song of the shuffling-feet dance

cyclone fence, venetian blind slats (45º, inverted)
Watertown, 23 May 2018

29.   Dancing Song (a) (No words)
30.   Dancing Song (b) (No words)
31.   Dancing Song (c) (No words)
32.   Dancing Song (d) (No words)
33.   Dancing Song (e) (No words)
34.   Dancing Song (f) (No words)
35.   Dancing Song (g) (No words)
101.   (No words) (a)
102.   (No words) (b)
103.   (No words) (c)
197.   Song of the grass dance (No words) (b)
198.   Song of the grass dance (No words) (c)
199.   Song of the grass dance (No words) (d)
200.   Song of the grass dance (No words) (e)
202.   Song of the shuffling-feet dance (No words)
203.   Song of the night dance (No words)

ex Frances Densmore (1867-1957 *). Teton Sioux Music. Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 61 (1918)
University of Virginia copy, digitized February 20, 2009
via google books

and, ex “Special Signs Used in the Transcription of Songs ” —
Where no words are given beneath the notes it is understood that meaningless syllables were used, except in songs whose words were sung too indistinctly for transcription, such instances being described in the analysis.
(p xxvii)

24 May 2018

tags: abecedary; “meaningless syllables”; ohne worte; Frances Densmore, Teton Sioux Music (1918)