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in on sonance with the evidence ð

On sona alors       1746
or uproar S O N Sona’bile       1749
I begin to vanish, on Sona; and my steps are not seen       1762
on Sona aufgenommen       1829
to inspect every Valuation on / sonable times       1843
on Sona cumb alswa seo forg       1847 *
but on Sona       1856
on Sona’s fingers, and what did it imply?       1894
on the very hills over which lay his line of march (on Sona), and he soon learned       1894
observati ons on a late / tance to make; he will see       1792

perfect sonance       1835
in. on sonance with the evidence       1906
on / sonance low       1919
thanks to error, and the forms and colours becoming apparent       2018


  1. OCR misread of on ðone (1847), and elsewhere also
  2. Peter Handke, The Great Fall (Der Grosse Fall, 2011; Krishna Winston translation, 2018) : 44

from another onsensical pursuit of an onsonantial line

10 June 2018

tags: error; ð; nonsense; onsonants; Peter Handke