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the o-céan are; and o-céan, the

and the o-cean roughens
and the o-cean shakes
the o-cean shakes
the o-céan shakes
our o-céan home

the o-céan and
the o-céan where
fleeting o-cean, thanks
as the o-cean
less as the o-cean
restless as the o-cean

slumbering on the o-cean
tar on the o-cean
on the o-cean wave
like an o-cean bird
the o-céan bird

of the o-cean
of the o-cean
across the trackless o-cean
to the o-cean
to the o-céan, the

out on the o-cean
is the o-cean how
is the o-céan how
on an o-céan all
out on an o-cean all
if you cannot on the o-céan sail

the o-cean Oh
the o-céan Oh
the o-céan And
the o-céan wave
an o-cean bird
like the o-céan bird
the o-céan are

Last o-cean
And o-céan, The

year indicates publication date of source for immediately preceding lines, as encountered in a google books search.
emphatic é, introduced.
all instances were in song books.

27 July 2018

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