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as soees seees; ’ow, if ’orses be

’orses for ’un       1835
’orses, two nice       1835
orses, Detaching
orses, Device
orses from Fire,
orses, Head
orses’ Hoofs, Instruments for
orses, from interfering       1861

as soees seees eeees sre’es saees vvses rvses aases asses arses aas’es arses erees as avees saoea avo'oa srees veees rsses oases sre’es sases orees aes'es orees aso’oa vs rrsr orses arses rvses ssr’es rsses rve’es sases arses aeses...       1889

’orses the moment
’orses were tried at a stone
of trying ’orses
backing ’orses
What about the ’orses?
about ’orses
off ’is ’orses
down the list of ’orses
the list of ’orses, ’ow
if ’orses be       1894

’orses; and
’orses gets
’orses stand
’orses cold
’orses down
round my ’orses       1895
and the ’orses
the frightened ’orses that       1901
bring your ’orses down       1914

With difficulty he had scraped together a handful of words that at rare moments he would recite in random order.
— Robert Seethaler, A Whole Life (2014; Charlotte Collins, trans. 2015) : 12


13 August 2018

tags: horses; lists; off ’is ’orses; nonsense; onsense; George Moore; Robert Seethaler