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clement clumsy, cluster

Chute     Tender wool.
Chyme     Timber burnt.
Epigram     Might move them.
Rinse     Heard.
Sucrose     Seen.
Sentence     Is it absolutely necessary?
Sentient     Is it important?
Sentinel     Is it possible?
Sepia     Is it true that — ?
Sinew     Lost.
Redact     Found.
Reefer     From the look of things.
Sororal     Of.
Systole     Some.
Socratic     Nothing can be done.
Termless     Too early.
Ternary     Too late.
Terrace     Too much.
Tonneau     When.
Toughen     Where.
Tonsils     When and where ?
Tragedy     Who.
Trance     Why.
Theorem     Until.
Semitone     Is.
Serenity     It.
Nonsense     Can we agree ?
Clement     Color.
Clumsy     Braid.
Cluster     Three-eighths, quarter, low quarter and braid.

ex Telegraphic Cipher Code of Brown & Adams, Wool Commission Merchants, Boston, Mass.
n.d. (ca 1900), 170 pages, and several added typescript pages of addenda
copy #138

19 August 2018

tags: latihan; telegraphic codes; tercet; wool