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unc, unca, see unco

(detail) of postcard showing scene from
Prividenie, kotoroe ne vozvraščaetsja (Abram Room, dir., 1929; *)
(rubbed in transmission; 90º cw; levels 30 1.00 255)

Unc, Unca, see Unco

Unco, adj., adv. and sb...
1. Unknown, strange; foreign; altered so as to be scarcely recognizable.

9. A strange thing; a wonder; a curiosity...
10. Wonder, excitement
11. Obs. A stranger
12. pl. News; strange tidings

ex Joseph Wright (“born Idle,” 1855-1930 *), ed., The English Dialect Dictionary Vol. VI. T-Z (1905)
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15 September 2018

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