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cuneolis, tins of

ex notes to
Scott McCloud lecture, Visual storytelling, visual communication
27 September 2018

Crateris       Comparative certainty.
Cucucire       Within a given time.
Culearum       To the.
Cuneolus       Tins of.
Cynoides       At a stand-still owing to.
Dasypodi       On the lines of.
Debeamus       Too little.

ex Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams,
Compiled for the Government of India, by J. H. Lane, Indian Government Telegraph Department. Fourth Edition, prepared at the India Office, London, under the direction of J. J. Allen, Indian Government Telegraph Department, Retired. Part II.—Code Phrase.
London, 1903.
opens to page containing Crateris, University of Rajasthan copy, at archive.org

28 September 2018
tags: at a stand-still; on the lines of; scribble; telegraphic codes