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17 November 2018

“Now and then Aristide played with the idea really to write Loutré, but he soon found that this was utterly impossible. Loutré had grown out of his hand... the question was no longer what he could do with Loutré, but rather what Loutré was going to do with him.”
ex Lisa Isaye Tarleau (1878? 1885?-1952 *), “Loutré,” Harper’s Magazine (September 1924)
Russian translation ЛУТРЕ (1927) in the series Ogonyok (No. 234) / eBay

first encountered Tarleau in her series “Reflections of a Gentle Cynic” in Shadowland (June 1920) / here
Her collection The Inn of Disenchantment (1917) / Hathitrust

who was Ms Tarleau?

25 November 2018

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