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a well known Engine us’d both on Land and at Sea

to land. At sea, even then       1858
Lay the Land, to lay the land, at sea,
signifies to sail out of sight of land.       1707
they appear as bluffs of land at sea       1815
distant sails or the first loom of the land.
At sea there is nothing to be seen close by       1896
Sea, see Say.       1904
the resemblance of an head land at sea.       1799
confined to the Land; at Sea, tho’ at ever so small a Distance, the Air is always free from the noxious Vapours, which alone occasion that Sickliness and Mortality.       1765
Tis well you are by land, at sea       1673 


some — not all — of the pre-aeronautical instances of to land at sea (and those, mostly, proximity hits) encountered via the usual means.
To land at sea — my method in nuce. sources below.

epigram —
definition of Pump,
ex Edward Phillips (1630-96 *). The New World of English Words (third edn, 1720) *

19 December 2018
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