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and not the true sheer wouldness

wouldness it.       1649
to set her about any thing, she
would ness. stand in the Posture she was       1707
would. ness all       1776
would ness or       1802
of John; by which it would ness.       1833
would ... ness to decide defeat all speculations about       1846
the correspondence; for all would ness that       1856
and would ness. Thinks I to myself, what in thunder       1857
in this case, but would ness       1858
good, as there would ness was the cause       1860
so perfectly sane, so grieved at my ... would ness, that       1860
would ness; to be forced       1878
would ness contends       1885
long, it would ness       1886
from the past, and I would ness of our preparations before       1902
if we would ness here and hereafter       1903
instances which would ness of       1906
If it would ness is a drag. stay good weather       1908
whether he would ness       1910
If thou would: ness, thou must       1915
would ness with his brother in Kansas he continued       1917
how unwilling you then would ness would       1918
a very unsightly edge and not
the true sheer would ness of the plank, the diminution being       1918
would ness prosperity       1919

wouldness, some pre-1923 instances of
OCR misreads all, column-cross splicings among them

31 December 2018

tags: ness; optatives; quatrains; would; wouldness