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lecture notes, 30 september 1991

H(ollis Frampton)

“One can’t live every life or do everything. I’d like to think that if we make careful choices, then our decisions in the life we do lead might redeem or recognize the lives we did not lead. As the film’s text also says, What tenderness of attention might mitigate battered experience.”
David Gatten, antepenultimate paragraph in
Aaron Cutler, “The Secret of a Happy Home: David Gatten on The Extravagant Shadows
Idiom (April 26, 2013) : here

on Hollis Frampton (1936-1984), and archives —

Kenneth Eisenstein, “Disembering”: The Activity of the Archive in Hollis Frampton (U of Chicago dissertation, 2016)
abstract and access

and his own (1035 cubic feet, 17 boxes)

13 February 2019

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