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facing page advertisement (bundling subscriptions), and gutter, end of volume
(erasured and cropped, 90º ccw)
Sunset Magazine 49 (July-December 1922)
Ohio State University copy, digitized June 12, 2014
raw source

prompted by a (mostly unsuccessful) search here and there, for Sunset articles on “conservation gardening” ca 1980s
and recollections of growing up with that magazine, its impossible confection of Asia / piñata / Pacific Northwest (totem poles) / redwood / eucalyptus / yucca patio culture and cuisine.

“Sunset magazine, a California icon, struggles as advertisers turn away from print.”
Meg James. The Los Angeles Times (November 30, 2018)   *

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27 February 2019

tags: asides; littoral; shadows; Shadowland; Sunset Magazine