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cochineal coffee; indigos, many

Price current of East-India Produce, May 24, 1825.
The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany 19 (1825)
University of Michigan copy, digitized December 1, 2005
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cochineal coffee,
cotton drugs for dyeing
opium rhubarb
indigos, many
ditto white,
pepper black
safflower sago
shivered stick
dragons blood and
madeira wine

and Co. Couscious
would not be supposed, that he meant to
of the purity of his intentions, he was will

being what — co-conscious — landed this here, in the thickets of the 1825 Debates at the E.I.H., March 3 (The Hyderabad Papers) : 610

the whole a concoction of OCR and opportunistic misreads and misorderings, cross column and otherwise (not to mention the spectacle of cross-typeset showthrough)

12 March 2019

tags: co-conscious; indigo; nonsense; OCR misreads; rhubarb