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for help in drawing up the index, 17-20

thinks of leaving
writes a sonnet
hopes to go
is mortified at his failure
threatened           6

is present
receives the habit
writes a sonnet
writes a dedication
works at
sees the spurious Second Part of
is insulted in
is roused to
becomes famous abroad

obtains the
obtains an
obtains a
writes a sonnet
dedicates a sonnet

describes his personal appearance
is engaged on
promises a continuation of
health fails
writes to
writes his
is professed as
receives the
writes his
is buried
his autographs


note 6 : with distraint
the seizure of someone's property in order to obtain payment of money owed, especially rent.

from index entries for Cervantes (only),
in James Fitzmaurice-Kelly (1858-1923) his Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra; a memoir (1913), beginning at page 218
this and other scans via Hathitrust.

For help in drawing up the index I am much indebted to Miss Rachel Alcock.     xii

Rachel Alcock (1862-1939) was a marine physiologist whose interest shifted from the laboratory to Spanish literature. “She spent two years at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid, and in Toledo from 1914–16...”
ex wikipedia

Not many years before she was preparing Fitmaurice-Kelly’s Cervantes index, there were these two papers —

  1. “The Peripheral Distribution of the Cranial Nerves of the Ammocoetes,” The Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, Normal and Pathological, Human and Comparative 33:1 (October 1898) : 131-153 : link
  2. “On Proteid Digestion in Ammocoetes” appeared in The Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, Normal and Pathological 33:4 (July 1899) : 612-637 : link

Later, Alcock would write “La Famosa Toledana by Juan De Quiros” in Revue hispanique 41 (1917) : 336-562
introduction pp 336-389, including plot of its three “jornados” at pp 377-380.
Documentos at 389-454
and the play (written in 1591) itself, transcribed from a manuscript, at 455-562

note 7 :
Another derivation from Alcock’s work is in slow progress, from the ammocoetes paper. Ammocoetes are “larva of primitive jawless vertebrates, such as the lamprey, that lives buried in mud and feeds on microorganisms.”
note 8 :
an experiment with an uncooperative text.

27 March 2019

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