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ghosts in the matrix

beach scene (kartu pos), extreme detail (levels 100 .90 255)

...his major obsession was with the idea of space... but his originality was to deepen the idea of a geometric point.

ex Pierre Cartier, “A country of which nothing is known but the name : Grothendieck and the ‘motives’”
earlier form, archived here,
later form “Alexander Grothendieck A Country Known Only by Name” at Inference Review 1:1 (October 2014) : here

in wake of reading (and re-reading) Karen Olsson, The Weil Conjectures : On Math and the Pursuit of the Unknown (2019), where, with a nod to Cartier’s earlier paper, she likens Simone (and her brother André) Weil to Grothendieck

30 August 2019

beach scene; clearing the queue; dots; ghosts; mathematics; sand
Alexander Grothendieck; Simone Weil