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water; this caused me to tack about immediately, and change my design         1
with me tacking the care of... tacking the whole         2
finds me tacking naught. Blinded         3
when it reached me, tacking gracefully, and came         4
r y, LINE TO ME TACKING 1 » t*» •» i a 1 c» S 3 3 O s o 100** -i z " 3 5 l~~ * c* $ z fli.         5
wind caused me to tack towards Porama. Thus I landed         6
me, tacking on to it parts of... speech         7
me, tacking me         8
me, tacking on a shoe ; of course,         9
rather late in the day, found me tacking up the Bure         10
says he can see me tacking No. 14 silk on my sieves         11

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21 September 2019

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