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the simplest letters

no where to hide their Heads ! and yet       1689
into his mouth, and no where to hide       1803
in so beautiful an economy the idle had no where to hide themselves.       1821
no where to hide, and the walls there are too high for me to climb       1886
No where to hide the pitying tears,       1898
to run no where to hide A mindless body       2005
no where to hide, no where to run For       2010
The shadows growing smaller
No-where to hide       2012
out in plain sight, with no where to hide.       2014
in the waves with no where to hide       2014
“The simplest letters are the hardest. There’s no where to hide.”       2019

sources (no where to hide, selected finds)

a theory

“Nowhere” / “no where” were not standardized pre 1900, and drifted away from standardization in this new century (the more recent instances are from self-published books, and may reflect absence of copyediting).

In reading these aloud, one might emphasize enunciation of “where,” as if “where” is a thing or generalized place that is absent.

I suppose it’s something like Stein’s “there is no there there” about Oakland — but here, there’s no where there (or where).

6 November 2019

tags: no; no where; nowhere; two Persons of Quality; brain rambles; Matthew Carter