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Signs from the East, transformed into Running Hand

entences, to pursue repetition
being a repetition of the same sound
in the beginning of severals
entences, or verses, also
the ascenscion of the Signs from the East
certain entences of assembly, left thereby
entence ci-après
entence rendue
between every’two entences
Solomon’s ®entences. The Sayings and
entences, in Writing of Two Sizes, in continuation of
entences of Affirmations of the Subject
A. Bad weather.
B. Fine weather.
A. Rising.
B. Falling.
from the entences of the Pretori,
entences 1,
entences; 5
entences imposed.
entences imposed
some with ir, some with broad a . entences should
Entences y
Entences y Templers en les montanyes
entences. ‘Si ti.’
Pending for ’entence
Number of □entences
entences. A few words of criticism as to
162,708 entences


26 November 2019

tags: entences; 162708; Frederic George McCutcheon