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else, el swither

else tree
on something else
the force of something else
buttons, marbles, or anything else
some nectar else
clot-leaf, or else a wort-leaf, on the same
divide. if all thing else
flounders else, and walk
pigeons else
allay (for else
and no where else
turn, else not
else but cover
else, but of
Elsedock, enula campana. *  
Elsewhat, adj. other things
elsewhat as they ate
elsh, adj. Uncouth.
Elsin, Elsen, A shoemaker’s awl.
Elswither, Elsewhere. North.
Holding fast, something else appears...

some else’s, from
Thomas Wright (1810-77 *), his Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English, containing words from the English writers previous to the nineteenth century which are no longer in use, or are not used in the same sense. And words which are now used only in the provincial dialects. (London, 1857)
ex NYPL copy (digitized 11 September 2006)
Vol. I. A-F
Vol. II. G-Z

and (the last) from
Anne Dufourmantelle, “In Suspense,” in her In Praise of Risk (2019) : 15

inula helenium

8 January 2020

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