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a creamery means

A few enquiries began       1
as a “few fews accounted it       2
afterwards, and not of a few fews, that       3
so the Conversion - of a few fews is an Earnest of       4
A Few Wheres
Where are you at,
when everything you take goes to your head and even interferes
with the poetry of your pedestrianism?
and the only lands cultivated are a few heres around       6
A creamery means, in a few heres. Just this about the       7
land has little chance of getting even a few Heres       8
depriving a few heres       9
you know an’t a few ! There’s       10
in rhyme, Nay, not a few : There’s many       11
Here, in a few anys       12
name ye a few : There’s       13
too “ove not a few, there’s two       14
now—only a few. There’s not encouragement       15
a few. There’s staym Ingincs, That stands in lines       16
A few anys after       17
a few, there’s a few and there’s a       18
‘Red Book’ that’s read by a few. There’s       19

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16 March 2020

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