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and those days were not like these

Those were days of ignorance and rudeness;
and to be able to read at all,       1
the occasion of his grief. Those were days       2
ah ! those were days,       3
and but little can now be recalled. Those were days in which       4
Those were days of economy too       5
The reason for that was, those were days       6
with long flowing ends. Those were days of short       7
place in the hands of the / now. Those were days       8
Those were days in which we knew       9
atmosphere. Those were days before the advent of the underground engineer.       10
Those were days in which people made their wills before they took a journey of a hundred miles;
and no wonder       11
Those were days when there was all too little time       12
Those were days in which milk was a luxury in far-away Texas       13
And those days were not like these, those were days when the tide       14


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7 April 2020

tags: approximate poetry; couplets; oddness; those were days