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see alsos, 1

Working -s       see also Combination, Still       ZAX 1
About       see also Just, With       GEX 2
Would       see also It, There       ZDO 7
Absolutely       see also Impossible, Necessary       GHY 0
Send abstracts of             —             GIB 2
Absurd             —             GIC 3
Abundant -ance             —             GID 4
Accept a little less rather than lose the business             —             GIF 6
Accommodate -d -ing -s       see also Regret       GRY 6
According -ly (to)       see also Matter       GWE 2

selected phrases and “see also’s” from
(Margaret Winifred) Keegan’s International Code (Second Edition, 1917)
University of Washington copy available via Hathitrust

lines reformatted; no substance lost.

27 April 2020

tags: MWK; see also; telegraphic codes