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see alsos, 3

Foundation       see also Contradict       AVP 2
Low       see also Figures, Need       ICA 8
Hopeless             —             DAX 7
Horsepower             —             DAY 8
Idea -s       see also Close, Owners, Rate, Views       DLU 7
If       see also Anything, But, So       DOG 5
Matter       see also Attention, Discussed, Important, Open, Stand       IMD 4
May       see also It       IMP 5
Ocean -s       see also Proportion       GRY 6
Off       see also Ashore       GWE 2
On       see also After       LYF 7
One       see also Both       LYP 7
Paint -ed -ing       see also Bottom, Cleaned, Composition, Scraped       NOB 1
Position -s (of)       see also Bad       OGN 4

selected phrases and “see also’s” from
(Margaret Winifred) Keegan’s International Code (Second Edition, 1917)
University of Washington copy available via Hathitrust

lines reformatted; no substance lost.

27 April 2020

tags: MWK; see also; telegraphic codes