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fdefa, highly necessary to be read

and a matchless front ;
that I am a -vile fDefa- mer^ and
an Infamous Traducer       1
or in FDefa’u-It
os’his finding such       2
Eb F D E F A !
Fig . 96 .
Fig . 97 .
Spectroscope Lines or “absorption bands”       3
due to Fdef .
and Fdefa arises from very localized interactions       4
of the above form,
one giving Fdef,p
and the other giving
Fdefa.       5


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aside —
for convenience, I tend to include the last five alphanumeric characters that occur in filenames of an original image, in filenames of any derivations I might make from that image. fdefa was one such, and was in this instance used as a hook in the search that resulted in the lines above, however onsensical.

12 June 2020

tags: fdefa; onsense; tercet