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fdela, folded folding

del peccaclox fdela WOW*       1
y guardar la autoridad fdela persona Real       2
Indifference . fdela volonté,       3
he said, No Man can den , but ’that-there is great fDela] of       4
for he had got a Letter from one Madam fDela-val ...that
fDela-val had writ to know       5
Deferno time, fdela-
ye have dangerous ends; . F-“ter and cry,       6
FDela Li       7
fdela lumière,       8
the part of .fdela, and,
although evidently labouring under the effects of a heavy cold,
she acquitted herself exceedingly well; ...       9
4 M. F du R 4c. du F de la D.
18 F de la D 3ec. du R.
26 F de la D à la 2e 6. de la D.
27 F de la D3e c. du R.       10
CON       11
I ETY () F D E L A
V       12
i i
FDELA Leat araute       13
per me°fdela.
v-       14
fDela’pse, sb. Obs. rare.       15
fDELA I | .c_ \ - , GTARK 1 _’_._.*J. .       16
Fdela. bonds .... .. o lgg -lg       17
from “P’fdela Grange”       18
45243   FDEJE     folded
45244   FDEKC     folding
45245   FDELA     Folder-s (of) (for)       19
45245   FDELA     will it fill       20
fdela. usgue. elect, I, ore-o, fire       21
FDELA       22
a boundary in C
(fdelΔ)       23


sources (many in Spanish, of which but a few used)
and (potentially) these (not pursued)
and some telegraphic codes at hand

  1. OCR confusion over “si la memoria del pecado: y de la penaen”
    and this from the preview :
    Iflq tue-11102111 del peccaclox fdela WOW* [ape-1a y 114111011 1102 111' :.2chch aclaendwsm elcfpjnmq nnefiw'o . - u, . , , f .' FZ e11'110 q 1108110me fi qmemdeleqllesas q [e dimosSl el bf1 dejjetosy'eamoefl.. e] key fu pam-c mquyeaclo ...
    ex Francisco de Osuna (1492 or 1497 – c. 1540, *), Abecedario espiritual Primera Parte (Junta, 1544) : fol. viii
  2. ex Thomas Cerdan de Tallada (¿1530?-1614), Veriloquium en Reglas de Estado, segun derecho divino, natural, canonico, y civil, y leyes de Castilla... (Valencia, 1604) : 27
    wikipedia (in Spanish)
    see also José Luis Bermejo Cabrero, his entry on Cerdán (Jurista, abogado en ejercicio y escritor político) at DB~e (El Diccionario Biográfico electrónico) and via google translation
  3. ex François Antoine Pomey (S.J.) Le grand dictionaire royal, I. François-Latin-Alleman / II. Latin-Alleman-François / III Alleman-François-Latin... (Cologne and Frankfurt, 1715) : 511
  4. ex Thomas Osborne, [scoundrel, and] 1st Duke of Leeds (1632-1712, *), The English Subject’s Right to the Liberty of His Person, Asserted in the Argument made by the Earl of Danby (afterwards Duke of Leeds) at the Court of King’s Bench, on his Motion for Bail, after an Imprisonment of above Forty Months in the Tower of London (London, 1722) : 12
    OCR misread of italics, and loose letterspacing for “that there is great Delay of Justice (to say no worse of it)”
  5. two OCR misreads of italicized “Madam Deval,” ex Popish Intrigues and Cruelty Plainly Exemplified in the Affecting Case and Narrative of Mr.s Frances Shaftoe (The Second Edition, London, 1745) : 39
    an earlier (1707) edition
  6. ocr misread, for: “Reig. Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends; Enter and cry, the Dauphin ! presently, And then do execution on the Watch.”
    The First Part of King Henry VI, Act 3 Scene 4.
    ex William Warburton (1698-1779), ed., The Works of Shakespear : Volume the Fourth (Dublin, 1747) : 427
  7. OCR misread of table at 90ºccw (re: Indian tribes and their locations), within Query XI. A description of the Indians (Aborigines) established in that state, in
    Notes on the State of Virginia. Written by Thomas Jefferson. Illustrated with a map, including the States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania (London, 1787) : 170
    much on slavery, and the capacities of Blacks and Whites, in his passages devoted to “property”
  8. OCR misread of “action répulsive fdela lumière” perhaps occasioned by ink show-through from next page 84
    ex Les trois règnes de la nature, par Jacques Delille, avec des notes, Par M. Cuvier, de l’Institute, et autres Savants. Tome Premier. (Paris, 1808) : 83
  9. snippet only, Paddy Kelly’s Budget; Or, A Pennyworth of Fun (1832) : 96
    BL description
  10. ex Almanach des échecs, contenant douze parties par les plus forts joueurs contemporains (Paris, 1852) : 10-11
  11. OCR misreads of captions to (two) plates, The Illustrated London News (September 9, 1865) : 232 and 239 (Reception of the French Minister; The Place de la Conversation)
  12. ex index (1889) to Laws of the State of Delaware (1887) : 35
    OCR misread of, an act to amend / an Act to Incorporate the Homeopathic Hospital Society, o[f Dela]ware
  13. OCR misread of the blurred word “formula,” in Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections (1888) : here (snippet only)
  14. ex a complex cluster of ocr misreads of smaller-type marginal note, and cross column error (not part of the fdela misread, however), in discussion of “Auction sale of real estate, and goods,”
    in Leonard A(ugustus) Jones, his Forms in Conveyancing: And General Legal Forms, Comprising precedents for ordinary use, and clauses adapted to special and unusual cases. With practical notes. Second edition, revised; 1891) : 200
  15. some OCR confusion, snippet preview from previous word Delapse, but actual error is misread of † Delash v. Sc. Obs. from OF delacher, to discharge..., in A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles Vol. 3 D (through Dizen), (1897) : here
  16. imaginative OCR misreads of Map of the Ft. Wayne & Wabash Valley Traction Company and Connecting Lines (e.g., Porter (upper left), DELA/Ware, &c.),
    in The Commercial and Financial Chronicle : Street Railway Section (February 24, 1906) : 39
  17. evidently ocr misread “4 % deb. bonds . . . . . . 0 100 -102” ex The Financial Review of Reviews (London, sometime in 1909, snippet view) : 164
    another year (October-December, 1913) at archive.org
  18. ocr misread/extrapolation from “Pte. de la Grange” in map of the northern coast of Haiti, ex Maps — Noteworthy Accessions (1909-10), in Report of the Librarian of Congress for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1910179
  19. ex General Telegraphic Code (The Business Code Co., 1912; Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation edition, 1921) : 298
  20. ex Private Telegraph Code, The Pearson Engineering Corporation (The Business Code Co., 1912) : 299
    note same code word (and corresponding figure) — but different meanings — in these two codes (both compiled by The Business Code Co.)
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  23. ex chapter/section 5.2 “Hierarchy of Almost Nonevasive Complexes,”
    in Jakob Jonsson (*), his Simplicial Complexes of Graphs (2007) : 75

28 June 2020

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