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    OCR cross-column misread
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    Hermes Pan[aglotopoulos] (1909-1990) — wikipedia
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  27. ex Gail Nall, Breaking the Ice (2015) : 115

notes —

The construct “I never knew what I was” appears only once in a pre-1923 Google Books search; it surfaces again in 1994, and frequently thereafter.

Strict chronology didn’t work, music and sense-wise, but is one of my limits. I anticipate that this post will exist only in the HTML asfaltics archive. This page shows the lines in a sortable list (thanks Justin!), which is much cleaner than the table-row version.

The initial idea was that sources would be given only for extended extracts, and/or where the source — on its own trajectory, in its own context — drew me further down its path. In the end, I cited all 27. Some — numbers 19, 26 — were more interesting than others, but I depended equally on each one. Several of these sources are self-published.

16 July 2020

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