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someni so’s. the question of direction.

therefore they which fix and propound to themselves some (ni,       1670
intimate once before,
our Garden will probably not hold
so many so many Trees       1699
of those Waters proceeds from Sulphur with some Ni       1708
cause so many So many       1792
we then saw that it
not made so many, so many scores       1810
after so many sos and although I may have less reason to citations,
however others       1812
Here in consequence of some ni ses of his tragical end       1832
someni, aȝe the Tiwesday Next       1833
and some ni spare       1872
This uniformity in so many sos could hardly be accidental.
The question of direction       1881
at sætte alene som -eni eller
dels som -eni,
dels som -oni       1891
What do you want with so many sos       1893


so many so many
so many sos

6 August 2020

tags: ȝ; bitumen; couplets; onsense; someni; Francis Bacon, Sylva Silvarum (1670); N.F.D.