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of words, as if spun

who out of words       1
in the Ending out of words       2
out of words :
and their hearts inclined the bramble       3
of the letters,
and sentences out of words
to this length [, that the argument for the disuse of these marks ]       4
or put out of
[ words and thoughts were well calculated to ]
                        sight       5
out of words, dresses to your       6
interlining and rasing out of words       7       sometimes
out of tune, and still oftener out of words       8
spinning, out of words, the sort of piece-goods called law,
and that of the goodness that cloth would be of, if spun out of cobwebs       9
pouring out of words       10
most trifling
evidence which sophistry can squeeze out of words and phrases       11
who feed out of words       12
A bringing out of words       13       to be formed,
[ if the mere calling out of words in one monotonous tone, in a blundering manner,
and without regard to the sense, ]
be then       14
                                the same object
by the insertion of words, as
by the striking out of words       15


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22 August 2020

tags: approximate poetry; cobwebs; onsense; out of words; prolations; tercet