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ungoings, 1

nor loose without danger of his ungoing .       1
and history for his ungoing far to wander       2
gave his imagination full play
and thereby incurred his ungoing .
                                                                  Now       3
liberty would come with his ungoing ,
which was even more       4
piece nor poise to his un
going [   ] tell       5

sources (OCR misreads, all)

  1. OCR misread of “undoing,”
    in The life and raigne of Richard the second, Liber tertius of The Collection of the History of England. By Samuel Daniel [1562-1619 *]. Revised, and by his last corrected Coppy Printed. (London, 1634) : 13
  2. cross-column OCR misread,
    ex Andrew Preston Peabody (1811-93 *), “Boston Mobs before the Revolution,” The Atlantic Monthly 62:371 (September 1888) : 321-333
    (immediately following this, re: King George III —
    “...a conscientious dullard, with so little intellect that there was no room for him to wander in his mind, and there was no need of his going far to wander out of it”)
  3. ex Robert V. Carr, “Johnson’s Regeneration,” in Overland Monthly (An illustrated magazine of the West; San Francisco) 43:2 (August 1901) : 147-48
    aside —
    Overland Monthly (based in San Francisco) merged with Out West magazine (in Los Angeles) in 1923.
  4. OCR misread of printing infelicity (drop of ink?),
    ex Max Pemberton (1863-1950, *), The Shadow on the Sea : A Tale of Strange Happenings (1907) : 212
  5. OCR misread (evident in snippet view — “brought neither piece nor poise to his un / going to tell”)
    ex Good Housekeeping Magazine 60 (1915) : 552

24 November 2020