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as if, if. Pinks. dili rain.

sources (through 1923); some (two) from 1923-39

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    aside —
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    the whole —
    And yet , “ Oh ! no , ” she answered , gravely , and for a little she continued after a pause , “ I feel as if — if I were a while both Amy and Winifred sat in silence , with the man I should choose some particular occupation , and leaves rustling over ...
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    some OCR cross-column confusion, involving these lines —
    As if if it was for anything but just love the whole and be deceived : business would not go to pieces : And so I am gagged and bound and put into
    As if if it was for anything but just love it could prison ...
    for Horace Traubel (1858-1919) consult wikipedia
  29. regarding “Clause 87” ?
    ex preview snippet (only), Sessional Papers (House of Lords), Volume 6 (1926) : 44
  30. 30
    ex Fiction Parade and Golden Book Magazine (1936)
    full snippet preview —
    he stopped , of cool has come instead . It ’ s a sort of then went on haltingly , you said you calm feeling I have , like floating wouldn ’ t have thought badly of me through heaven on a cloud . I feel as if if I hadn ’ t . . . ” I were dead , as if everything ...

as if,
if it’s not been said before — an aside or error in some out-of-the-way obscurity,
snatch of glanced breeze —
there’s nothing, and so nothing to report.

5 January 2021