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subfluence merged in an ornamental lake

but these very subfluences       1
subfluence over boundaries or lands       2
subfluence which natural causes have on the limity of the reflection       3
subfluence, recording occurrences       4
subfluence over ennui. I had not the       5
subfluence. What do we do? What does the       6
subfluence, discoverable or unexplained       7
subfluence, at nights       8
subfluence in production or waste, used freely       9
subfluence literally incalculable, the principle on which       10
the heart-beat is subfluence.       11
subfluence diffused       12
subfluence full of romance       13
lies, and other caustic or irritant subfluence       14
subfluence, the signaling, the adjustment of huge mechanisms       15
subfluence merged in an ornamental lake       16
subfluences subdued       17
his special subfluence,
for he was an omnivorous reader, and had a picturesque and even romantic outlook on       18
subfluence, with the colors still       19
subfluence the entire cotton trade       20
subfluence spread far and wide.       21
subfluence, the possibility of human flight       22
subfluence for lack of language : error       23
Subfluenz-Prozesse       24
Subfluenz, einer varistischen       25

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There is no word “subfluence,” or only barely one.
This started with the self-written biographical note of poet Jack Hirschman, in A Caterpillar Anthology (Clayton Eshleman, ed., 1971) —

“They are lyrical poems, in verse or free-form, as distinguished from the poems in this anthology, which are breath forms reflecting a more total slavery to the conditions of the spirit’s war-torn years. The major influences on my works are influence itself, in as many levels of order, disorder, disaster, paranoia, joy and ecstasy as the deathless magic of being alive permits a vessel now of fire, now of air, to spark, glow, flame and ember according to the law of nature.”

“Influence” — that word — led to thinking about variations, e.g., effluence, outfluence, pre-fluence... “subfluence” —
an underground stream
a less-than fluency (stammering, stuttering)
a brittleness?

Little — or nothing — surfaced in a google books search, save for errors — typically a “sub” at the end of one line, a “fluence” at the start of the next (in a different column). Quite enough for present purposes. And so these subfluence derivations are built around a word that isn’t quite a word. Some license has been taken with the text in this post: dispensing ellipsis or [brackets] where text is erased (or rather, dropped); in some instances, some words that preceded the subfluence, are moved to follow it.


And yet, the word does appear, in some (and only a few) geological texts, typically having to do with the geotectonic unterströmungshypothese (undercurrent) concepts — and field work done in the Northern Calcareous Alps — of and by Otto Ampferer (1875-1947). More on Ampferer to come. For now, these references —

  1. Wolf-Christian Dullo and Fritz A. Pfaffle, “The theory of undercurrent from the Austrian alpine geologist Otto Ampferer (1875-1947) : first conceptual ideas on the way to plate tectonics,” Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 56 (2019) : 1095-11
  2. Karl Krainer und Christoph Hauser, “Otto Ampferer (1875–1947): Pioneer in Geology, Mountain Climber, Collector and Draftsman,” in: Geo.Alp Sonderband 1 (2007) : 91–100
    here (pdf)
  3. wikipedia (in German)

  4. Dr. Otto Ampferer. “Über das Bewegungsbild von Faltengebirgen” (On the movement pattern of folded mountains), in Jahr. Geol. Reichsanstalt (Yearbook of the Austrian Geological Survey), 56:3-4 (1906) : 539-622
    “Mit 42 Zinkotypien im Text”


“Subfluence” also surfaces as a company name, social media handle, &c., &c.

2 February 2021