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ardwar δίδωμι; Ardwar, sasine of

ardwar, Henry, Esq. collector of customs       1
Ardwar [δίδωμι], do; unde dos unde       2
these; ardwar and subject, on some particular day in alacrity       3
ardware for rendering       4
ardwar; man       5
Ardwar, sprachen       6
Satgír, Ardwar       7
ardwar Buru       8
Ilsl ardwar * * a Cllrig, • y       9
blinds ardwar im paint       10
ardwar canal       11
weirs to turn the water into the ardwar channel into the river       12
Ardwar, sasine of
Ardwar, Glenlirak, Nethir Taymouth... cum aquis et salmonum picariis earundem...       13
of ardwar late       14
Ardwar can be obtained from       15
Yoo - . . . ardwar . - boo       16
ardwar night and day      17
ardwar The light that says “There it is!”
What made him go in?       18
to the shipyard and harbour at Ardwar       19


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These are some answers to the question, is “ardwar” a word, and if so, how.
It is a place, on the eastern shore of Loch Ardvar (see entry at the Gazetteer of Scotland) —
satellite view
map view of same —
and Hardwar (among several spellings), in the north of India (Uttarakhand State).

The highlands Ardwar — might it have something to do with “Hardware” its appearance as a surname?

26 February 2021