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a piece of furniture, the hen steps in; Ase natmen

I can’t breathe. You are / 4 . / breaking my arms.
I can’t grind the miller’s corn / UNIONS. / if you crowd so hard.
“Join a certain adverb to a musical syllable, and make a piece of furniture;
to a delicate fabric, and make to Crash.
All silent       1
quiet thing in the community. I can’t breathe. / them on. / the “boys.”
I open the window, and the hen steps in and
The paragraph concludes with one of the
sits on my feet.
I am too weak to resist.       2
“She meant to say, ‘I can’t breathe through my nose.’
Her actual last two words, ‘Ase natmen’, have no meaning.”       3


  1. ex OCR cross-column misreads (four columns), at
    The Youth’s Companion 55:13 (Boston; March 30, 1882) : 123
    more legible scan at hathitrust
    Nuts to Crack. Enigmas, charades, puzzles, &c., 4. Unions. —
    Join a certain adverb to a musical syllable, and make a piece of furniture; to a delicate fabric, and make to comfort; to a household deity among the ancient Romans, and make pertaining to the sun; to lawful, and make to seek; to a cover, and make firm; to a musical instrument, and make soluble; to a personal pronoun, and make a part; to a preposition, and make early; to additional, and make a flatterer; to a musical syllable, and make painful; to a preposition, and make a kind of food; to employment, and make a kind of pickle.
    answers in next (April 6, 1882) issue :
    So-fa, so-lace, so-lar, so-licit, so-lid, so-lute, so-me, so-on, so-other, so-re, so-up, so-use.
  2. OCR cross-column misread at ex A.E.W., “Leaves from the Diary of a Nervous Man,” Grip, An independent political and satirical journal 25:14 (Toronto; Saturday, 3 October 1885) : 346-347
    in full view at hathitrust
    “Grip was a Toronto, Ontario design firm that was home to many of Canada’s premier designers and painters during the first half of the 20th century. ¶ The company was founded in 1873 by the cartoonist J. W. Bengough to publish his satirical weekly magazine Grip.” (wikipedia)
    John Wilson Bengough (1851-1923), wikipedia
  3. footnote 23, re: examples of slips of the tongue, in his chapter devoted to same, Sigmund Freud, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (1901; James Strachey, trans., 1960, 1965): 86

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