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figure at 2482 (Stanford copy, mutilated in scanning; cropped),
from Discussion (at 2475-2485) of
H. C. Vensano his “Pulsations in pipe lines, as shown by some recent tests,” in Proceedings of the ASCE, 43:8 (October 1917) : 1593-1643
same, but UC copy, at hathitrust; same figure, unmutilated, ditto.

In order to avoid making this paper too long, the writer assumes that the reader is familiar with certain literature on the subject already available. In fact, before examining this paper, he should read at least two papers to which the writer refers, particularly “Water-Hammer”, by Miss O. Simin*, and also that part of a paper entitled “Penstock and Surge-Tank Problems”,† by Minton M. Warren... applying to pressure due to slow or ordinary gate closures, together with (and especially) the discussion on that paper by the writer.
ex General description of Experiments, p 1596

Proceedings, American Water Works Assoc., 1904, p. 341. This is a review and elaboration of the article by Professor J. Joukovsky in Memoirs, Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. 1897, Vol. IX.  ◾ at hathitrust; commences with “Errata and Remarks,” from which the epigram above.

Transactions, Am. Soc. C. E. Vol. LXXIX, p. 238.  ◾ at hathitrust

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