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works, annontated in the soggy trails

                              gained it too.
The Emmets are a very nuraerous fam- /
stopped and addressing a lady who sat at work
or else laboriously annontating on bawdy poets,
and       1       Paradise
Regained. Annon
tated       2      Annontated List of the Birds of       3
the word “works” insert Revised and Annontated Statutes
Or operating       4
                        in other pockets and waded out along
L. Ins. Co., 144 N. W. 718,
                        annontated in the soggy trails .
50 L. R. A. ( N. S. ) 592,
                              not to prevent       5
From time to time well-annontated reading       6
The Annontated Mrs.       7


leaving out many earlier uses and forms in French (signifying “announced,” “announcement,” &c.), and passing over some few deletions of intervening words, unremarked.

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