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lenticular distance

verso of etching (detail, 180º; inv)
ex Black Domino : A Musical Burletta in One Act, By Charles Mathews (London: Chapman and Hall, 1838), “as performed at Madame Vestris’ Royal Olympic Theatre.”

from google scan of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign copy,
entire page scan here (1.1 MB),
being one of several competing (and different) versions/editions of the same story;
at least one offering more scintillating language than herein found (though lacking this beautifully poor scan).

much to unpack —
Charles James Mathews (1803-1878)
Lucia Elizabeth Vestris (1797-1856)
NPG portraits
Le domino noir (The Black Domino), first performed in 1837, in Paris
Daniel Auber (1782-1871)

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26 September 2021