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onceing dll

remouet alis propinquate intédit apud nos calos [ ] onceing       1
upon such actions as are of more common unsuspected use; as scratching of onceing! the head, rubbing the several       2
such connections, onceing the laconic speech       3
the worst at onceing from the discovery of       4
□□□□□□□□□□□ margitmen □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□ my mgn at onceings nanum en □□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□ amusnadia       5
onceing, and therefore not likely to be noticed.       6
though he attributed it to the fishremember onceing, about which he had read       7
policies at onceing it out. What do they understand by       8
Onceing . dll       9
at onceing these       10

sources (10 of 49)

  1. “removes his wings and close attention to us...”
    interesting OCR understanding of frakura Latin, and cross-column misread,
    at Textus abbreviatus super octo libris physicorum et tota naturali philosophia ... a Thoma Bricot compilatus (etc.) (1502) : liber secundus, folio clxxi
    fuller bibliographic details for Harvard copy
    remouet (Latin) : removes, take (something) away, from PIE meue — to push away
  2. OCR confusion, at old spelling, and the word “conceive” receding into gutter, at John Wilkins (1614-1672 *) his Mercury: Or the Secret and Swift Messenger. Shewing, how a Man may with Privacy and Speed communicate his Thoughts to a Friend at any distance. The Second Edition. (London, 1694) : 116-117
    Deutsches Museum copy (digitized June 11, 2018)
  3. OCR cross-column misread, at The History of England from the Earliest Periods, by Rapin de Thoyras... newly translated, corrected, and revised; and continued to the present time &c., &c., by Henry Robertson. Vol. 2 of 2 (London, 1820) : 498
  4. ex William Carleton (1794-1869), “Fardorougha, The Miser; or, The Convicts of Lisnamona. Part IV,” in The Dublin University Magazine 9 (May 1837) : 521-546 (524)
    the wikipedia account is interesting, and not only for this — “He first sought occupation as a bird-stuffer, but a proposal to use potatoes and meal as stuffing failed to recommend him.” a difficult man, in difficult times.
  5. blank squares as shown in google results; their hidden Javanese partially revealed here —
    மலாயங்களல்ல margitmen ஸ்யர் சனையை மைம் my mgn at onceings nanum en ஃண்பாடாஜினாப சுற்ற amusnadian
    ex “Beschrijving van de koffij- en suiker-cultuur in het plat maleisch en Javaansch, oor Javaansche Ambtenaren, met aanteekeningen” (Description of the coffee and sugar culture in Malay and Javanese, for Javanese officials, with notes.),
    at Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indië, uitgegeven door het Koninklijk Instituut. Vol. 1 (Amsterdam, 1856) : 235-269 (263)
    this being a section of “Beschrijving de Suiker-Cultuur door Den Wadana van Sragi in Pekalongan,” met onderstaande commentaar tot vermeerdering en verbetering door den Mas Rangga Patih van Pamalang, en den Onderkollecteur van Pamalang, Beide Vroeger Wadanas in Het Suiker-District Pangka (commencing at 235)
  6. OCR cross-column misread (hard to see, two thirds of the way down) at “A Girl’s Folly,” in The London Journal : and Weekly Record of Literature, Science, and Art Vol. 65, No. 1681 (For the week ending April 28, 1877) : 258-260 (259)
    “By the author of ‘Quadroona, ‘A Brave Girl, &c.”, would be Percy Bolingbroke St John (1821-89) (wikipedia), (interesting) son of (an interesting father) James Augustus St. John (1795-1875) (wikipedia), and interesting family (even Labuan (Borneo) and Sarawak connections)
    more at John Adcock’s blog
    419 items at BL
  7. snippet view only, ex The Canadian Magazine 37 (1911) : 454
  8. ex editorial “The Deeper Preparedness,” in The New Republic 3:35 (July 3, 1915) : 218
  9. dll stands for “dan lain lain” in Malay and Indonesian, where it means etc.
    ex snippet view, “The Price Act or, The List of the Prices now in force in the town of Ipswich, for the prevention of monopoly and oppression.” (February 10, 1777), whose caption is headed “Original Food-Profiteering in America” at Vanity Fair 10:1 (March 1918) : 55 (hathitrust)
    source —
    Onceing . dll loved , neel wed , and coiked , at 61. 8 d . Sanon t . , . ' ;. 4 d . HORS . KLEPING . Hurre krepirg , for a Light or trener.fuur buon ...
  10. OCR cross-column misread, involving advertisement “Hawaiian Numerals Are Mighty Scarce,” “Chronicle of New Issues and Varieties,” and advertisement for “Imperial Stamp Co., San Francisco” at Mekeel’s Weekly Stamp News 34 (July 24, 1920) : 396

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