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bibav bibev bibew / as desired and find

Biare / Desired.
Biaty / As desired.
Bibav / As desired and find       1
boxes will stay open or shut, as desired. / and find it does well.       2
as desired, and find the whole       3
much or little set, as desired,
and find such set lasts longer than the spring       4
can run into any one of the four pockets as desired,
and find platforms on either side       5       of the horn as desired,
and find corresponding values of L, or distance from       6
Bibet / Destination.
Biboy / Destination of.
Bibux / Destination unknown       7       value of
n to make the error as small as desired
and find λ with       8
BIBAV / Idaho White Pine
BIBEV / Place
BIBEW / A favorite place
BIBEX / A good place (for)       9


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encountering the eponymous phrase in the Public Health Service code, wondered in what contexts it might be wanted.

5 December 2021