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inkstand . a few words more

Not many more . Little . A little . Some more . Still some . Some yet . Any more . One more inkstand . No more inkstands . A few words more . No more words . Several Quais as much Quite as many . Just as much

— from snippet, pointing to
Elementary Tabular System of Instruction in French... to be studied in connection with the grammar text-book... the whole devised, and arranged in practical form, for the use of the cadets of the U. S. Military Academy by H. R. Agnel, Professor of French. (1876) : 34
same, (1862 edition) : 34 (NYPL copy, at hathitrust)

Hyacinth. R. Agnel (1799-1871), online book page
more on chess than French; evidently also a mercenary (in his earlier days), and a painter
see entry (February 2006) at Sarah’s Chess Journal (archived at the WayBackMachine)

“During classroom recitations cadets had to write the tables on the blackboard from memory.”
— on Agnel’s pedagogy, in James L. Morrison, The Best School : West Point, 1833-1866 (1998) : 56

5 April 2022