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an iota of the iodine Od

mistimed capture (detail; 90ºcw; inv; Michigan copy at archive.org)
different presentation of same, at hathitrust
from Gustav Theodor Fechner, Professor Schleiden und der Mond (Leipzig, 1856)

contents, as listed at title page ( link ):
Erster Theil. Streben und Erfolg — Schleiden und die Pflanzenseele — Die Teleologie — Die Natur als Symbol des Geistes.
Zweiter Theil. Schleiden und der Mond — Einfluß des Mondes auf die Witterung — Einfluß des Mondes auf Erdbeben und Erdmagnetismus — Das Od — Einfluß des Mondes auf das organische Leben der Erde. Atmosphäre und Bewohnbarkeit des Mondes.

(google) English :
First part. Striving and success — Schleiden and the Plant Soul — The teleology — Nature as a symbol of the spirit.
Second part. Schleiden and the moon — Influence of the moon on the weather — Influence of the moon on earthquakes and terrestrial magnetism. The Od [Odic Force, wikipedia] — Influence of the moon on the organic life of the earth — Atmosphere and habitability of the moon.

Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801-87)
see also essay (by Frederick C. Beiser, 2020) at SEP (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) : link

“My writing career began with the proof that the moon is made of iodine. I was wrong, but not entirely; I only had to drop an iota of the iodine and I had it all.”
p 271 (google English)

31 August 2022