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  1.                                     stammering in
    ohne titel margins, curtain glass noise in darkened room,
    halo language, its relation to
  2.                                     dilution asides, onsonant river
    nothing so powerful as the aggregate of small things
    glass-eating comminution
    besides the main topic
  3.                                     windows creased inex terior disorders co herent in herent ruins
  4. ex herent flow its rotation its disorders
    chromatic tempering work
    les rocaces télégraphiques
  5. given begins at the first touch
    sleaves dilation “tea and its adulterations”
    but all fragments should be examined
    clutter, thingly care
    clearings maybe, aside signs so spare
  6. gathering large hummocks of earth from drifting dust
    xerography in various ways, and tested
    well-defined shadows killed by this parasite topography,
  7.                                     allotrope place, the vacant letters of
    ex ἄλλος (other) τρόπος (form) —
    the property of some chemical elements to exist in two or more different forms, in the same physical state *
    aslide blind swimming water
    figure-skating signaling becomes
  8.                                     anything refractory
    anything under doubt, face pain presence
    incandescent valence with its usual abandon
    anything but a blur
  9. woman picking up apples
    errors of treatment
    pain to weather, relations of
    pain, usual (and paths of unusual) lace-making
    woman picking up apples
  10. considerable time was lost
    sad hand in extremis
    dredging sea, waves
    rivers, certain rivers, inhalt
  11.                                     index of,
    the paralysis was of short duration
    Oak Grove tangents, here we pass the desert night through slips occuring within itself
    (deformation, plasticity, strain, other properties)
    passion nerve supply to the brow.
    mulberry, persimmons.
  12. to each compound belongs a surface in order of decreasing consonance
    heaps, hindered settling between the two
    a valley almost destitute of grains
    while under the influence of light
    melancholia is loaded
  13.                                     tho and, indeed, next
    no guessing, no dodging head or book
    nothing left but physics arose across a fold of
    neoclassical symmetry
  14.                                     a series of centres
    night blue islands, coffee ambiguities
    slowness, deafness, colour
    what powerful chains of circumstances
    the penetrating screen
  15.                                     draughtman’s devices held in proper place
    dots, mud survey of rivers, creeks
    coasts, well-watered dirt
    offen dust fast, slow, unreliability of
  16. wandering faults, danger inherent to
    typos, absence, acoustic misadventure, lithography, skiagraphy
    a difficulty of representation

assembled from index to 78 posts (+ one invisible) at shedone, over the years 2013-23,
recently exhumed and resuscitated.
five source lines per stanza.