This project consists of 207 derivations from 207 consecutive pages in the Journal of the American Medical Association 56 (January-June 1911). It is here archived and reformatted from its original location at jama262468.tumblr.com.

The material was first encountered in the radically mis-scanned pages 262-468 of the University of Michigan copy of the volume (digitized October 5, 2012). It was those poor scans that prompted my lingering there. An overview of what I saw — google books thumbnail view, and my annotations thereon — is shown here.

The text is accessed from a “better” scan of the same pages 262-468, same volume (and same Michigan copy, digitized February 19, 2011).

Watermarks have been removed from the out-of-focus images where feasible.

Beneath each image are (or will eventually be) the following links :
src pointing to original (illegible) scan,
leg pointing to a second (legible) scan that provides source text, and
pdf of source text (currently only for pages 262-268 and 411-467; the rest will come).

21 May 2019