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skiagraphy, 1



Plate CCLVIII, Figs. 1 and 2
Robert Abbe, M.D., New York. “Illustrating the penetrating power of radium.” Archives of the Roentgen Ray and Allied Phenomena (Formerly Archives of Skiagraphy) 11:9 (1907): 247

“On developing the plate after three days’ exposure, a strong picture of the relatively denser lead was seen... ¶ This same demonstration has been made by Roentgen rays, but it is far more impressive to witness the active energy given off by the innocent-looking little tube of yellow salt.”

26 May 2013

innocence; lithography; lethal printing techniques; skiagraphy; typos; R. Abbe, “Illustrating the penetrating power of radium” (1907)