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writing, and the penetrating screen



“As is so often the case, invention was here held back by a belief. In this case it was, ‘two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.’ It took years to realise that, while this is usually true...“
p 86

from chapter “Chronocyclegraph Motion Devices for measuring achievement,” in Frank Bunker Gilbreth (1868-1924 *), Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972 *). Applied motion study : a collection of papers on the efficient method to industrial preparedness.
New York, 1919
Harvard copy, digitized April 21, 2008
same image (University of California copy) at archive.org

22 November 2013

ambiguities; writing; grid
B. F. and L. M. Gilbreth, “Chronocyclegraph Motion Devices” (1919)