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while under the influence of light


Fig. 168. — Vertical section of temporal half of retina of Leuciscus aula fixed in Flemming’s fluid. (P. Chariani.) A, after keeping the animal 24 hours in the dark; B, after exposing it for 6 hours in direct sunlight; C, after exposing it for 5 hours in direct sunlight, and subsequently for 1 hour in total darkness.
(cropped from page, internal margins reduced)
Luigi Luciani. Human Physiology. Vol. IV (of V), The Sense Organs (London, 1917)
University of Michigan copy, digitized February 5, 2008

“...was able better to observe this displacement of pigment, and found that in darkness it travelled as far as the upper third of the outer segments of the rods, while under the influence of light it ascended to the membrana limitans externa.”
p 344

whilst seaching “lachrymal fluid.”

10 May 2014

retina; rods; optics; L. Luciani, The Sense Organs (1917)